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Potato Pay is the latest in mealtime bribery.
Try the crispy currency changing the way parent and child do business at mealtime.
Potato Pay

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Introducing the future of home frynance.
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Only compatible with America’s favorite fry.*
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Try potato pay


Potato Pay
is a new mealtime currency powered by ORE-IDA. Each fry is created to be the most satisfying bribery tool possible. Simply pay your children the fries they love to eat, for bites of the foods they don’t. So the next time they won’t eat their dinner, just Potato Pay them to.
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Try potato pay

Crispy, golden exterior.
The perfectly crisp, crinkle fry that no child can resist.
Soft, fluffy interior.
Designed to deliver an irresistible, perfect potato flavor.

Getting Started

How to use
Potato Pay
Choose your child (or children) and verify the amount of crispy currency required.
Proceed with the transaction. Once a bite of broccoli or other formerly rejected foods is eaten, deposit the funds directly to your child’s plate.
Your child’s unique payment gateway, the mouth, will provide an instant notification. Potato Payment complete.

Try potato pay

What happens if my Potato Payment is declined?
Don’t panic. The issue may not be the method, but the child’s picky palate. Slightly increase the amount of ORE-IDA fries and try again.
Can I make multiple Potato Payments at once?
Yes. Multiple mouths make payments easy. Initiated by either parent, simply agree with your children on a desired amount. Then, complete the transactions as usual.
How much should I Potato Pay my child?
You should always aim to pay the total amount due. This will avoid any blame, shame or outbursts. The exact frynancial amount per meal should be decided between you and your child beforehand, as frynances can vary between households.

At Home

Pay them the fries they love to eat, for the foods they don’t.
Are mealtimes a nightly struggle? Try Potato Pay, where ORE-IDA fries are your crispy currency to make your kids eat just about anything. Simple, easy and effective, Potato Pay places the home frynances in your hands as you calculate and control the currency of any meal. But remember, no two children are alike, and the frynancial market between families can fluctuate.
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Try potato pay


Only compatible with America’s favorite fry.*
Potato Pay Rookie
  • Family sized frynancials
  • 2lbs of blatant bribery
  • Designed for dinnertime success
  • Powered by the perfect potatoes
  • Easy, irresistible and effective
  • Crinkle cut technology
Potato Pay Pro
  • Perfect for fry fanatics
  • 5lbs of blatant bribery
  • Made for frynancially savvy parents
  • Larger bag means more wins
  • Irresistibly delicious
  • Crinkle cut technology
Potato Pay
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