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Welcome to the world of Frynance.

Ore-Ida fries—the golden, crispy currency changing the way parents and children do business at mealtime.
Potato Pay

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Potato Pay

Frynance is the art of managing the golden, crispy currency accepted by kids everywhere—Ore-Ida fries. Now, with The Frynancial Guide, you can learn how to balance paying your children the fries they love to eat for the bites of food they don’t. We call this delicious exchange Potato Pay. Is it ethical? No. But it is edible, and a win-win for both fussy eaters and parents.

 Introducing potato pay Watch the film
Crispy, golden exterior.
The perfectly crispy crinkle cut fry for easy child bribery.
Soft, fluffy interior.
With flavor designed to delight even the fussiest of eaters.


How to use

Potato Pay
Choose your child (or children) and verify the amount of golden, crispy currency required.
Proceed with the transaction. Once a bite of broccoli or other formerly rejected foods is eaten, deposit the funds directly to your child’s plate.
Your child’s unique payment gateway, the mouth, will provide an instant notification. Potato Payment complete.
Potato Pay (verb) / [puh-tey-toe pey]
The act of bribing your child with golden, crispy fries.
Potato Payflow (noun) / [puh-tey-toh pey-floh]
The amount of fries that flow in and out of a household, known to have a direct impact on familial happiness.
Potato Pre-Pay (verb) / [puh-tey-toe pre-pey]
The act of bribing your child with golden, crispy fries prior to mealtime meltdown.
Potato Pay Hand-Off (noun) / [puh-tey-toe pey hand-awf]
The discretionary exchange of golden, crispy fries for the promise of eaten vegetables between child and parent, conducted in a public or social gathering.
Fry.o.u (noun) / [fur-eye-ohh-yoo]
The formal acknowledgement of a Potato Pay debt with the sum of golden, crispy currency owed and a promise of future Potato Payment; typically between parent or child.
Hush Fry (noun) / [huh-shh fur-eye]
A crispy, delicious Ore-Ida fry given to a child in exchange for a promise to cease whining, screaming, and/or crying.


Only compatible with America’s favorite fry.*


Potato Pay Rookie

  • Family sized frynancials
  • 2lbs of blatant bribery
  • Designed for dinnertime success
  • Powered by the perfect potatoes
  • Easy, irresistible and effective
  • Crinkle cut technology

Potato Pay Pro

  • Perfect for fry fanatics
  • 5lbs of blatant bribery
  • Made for frynancially savvy parents
  • Larger bag means more wins
  • Irresistibly delicious
  • Crinkle cut technology
Potato Pay
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